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1-20 hires per year
Fast, effective response to your hiring requirements during times where you need support.
20-500 hires per year
Volume and quality through an outsourced recruitment team operating under your brand.
HR consulting that maximises your team’s value through all stages of the employee lifecycle.
Intelligent services and cloud-based tech that simplifies processes and empowers your team.
Marketing consulting to help you define your value proposition and use it to attract the best.
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Orchard is a local market leader in providing innovative talent solutions.

Orchard HRO is an outsourced HR firm that helps you attract, hire, develop and retain your most precious asset – people. As your talent partner, we immerse ourselves in your industry, your brand and your culture as an extension of your team.

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With a track record of consistently strong client relationships and service excellence Orchard is your trusted HR partner for a fresh, simple approach that can radically enhance your business.
Case Studies
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Asia Pacific Career Centre

Industry: Information Services

In November 2010, they selected Orchard to develop a high-touch branded Careers Centre (RPO) to handle specialist professional hiring across Australia, NZ, Singapore and Malaysia.

On-Demand Branded Hiring Project

Industry: Technology

Orchard was appointed to provide fast turn-around recruitment for the newly created Tasmanian Service Centre for 50 permanent positions with the roles being a mix of Service Desk Agents, Remote Desktop Engineers, Team Leaders and Management roles.

Hiring Peak delivered by On-Demand Recruitment Solution

Industry: Consumer Foods

Orchard was appointed to provide full end to end support for all roles across all locations in Australia and New Zealand.

Overflow Recruitment Delivered by On-Demand Recruitment Solution

Industry: Digital Distribution

This client is a value-added distributor & leader in digital distribution, recently acquired by a global provider of products, services and solutions to customers through a global network of more than 460 locations serving over 85 countries.