Orchard HRO

Industry: Information Services

Asia Pacific Career Centre

This global employer provides information, software, and services to the corporate sector and supports customers in legal, tax, accounting and finance sectors.

In November 2010, they selected Orchard to develop a high-touch branded Careers Centre (RPO) to handle specialist professional hiring across Australia, NZ, Singapore and Malaysia.

Orchard has been delivering approximately 120 hires each year and continue to evolve our model to ensure that it remains flexible, effective and technology enabled.

When we were appointed, the client had a fairly traditional agency driven recruitment model.

Orchard was quickly able to deliver 90% direct hires in year one and the direct fill rate has continued above 90%, internal fill rates have increased to 37% from a base of 11%. Time to fill has reduced to 29 days on average across the region and costs are down from 15-20% fees per role before we commenced to an average of 6-7% per role since year one.

Key job families are:

  • Sales, business development and new business

  • Technology

  • Marketing / product

  • Operations

“We’ve been really impressed with Orchard HRO’s ability to quickly bring us leading thinking, outstanding technologies and a skilled recruitment delivery team. We look forward to the positive way that they have been able to engage with our teams and integrate into the business” 

Jo Hilyard, Regional Human Resources Director – Asia Pacific. 

For more information on our approach, we would be happy to provide the contact details of a referee from this client.