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Employer branding

Cut through the noise of the competition with an employer brand that commands attention, compels the right talent to join your team, and your current employees to stay.

Orchard provides employer brand and recruitment marketing services that support your talent attraction, so that it’s easier to meet your hiring goals.

Our employer brand marketing consultants take a holistic view of your candidate journey, identifying opportunities from the most simple and quick to execute, through to the longer term but still important strategic investments that will pay dividends over time.

We can integrate our service with your existing marketing resources and suppliers, acting as an advisory while your team members execute the recommendations, or we can leverage our trusted marketing partners to seamlessly execute the recommendations on your behalf.

How we support you

EVP / Employer Brand Strategy
Your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is a strategic set of choices that you make around the employee experience, culture and the benefits in order to create value in your offer of employment, aside from remuneration. Having an EVP that is aligned to the desires of your talent (and indeed, your current team) is key being seen as a workplace of choice.

Orchard can partner with you to craft an EVP that supports your roles to be competitive in the most challenging of environments.
Job Advertising Writing
There’s a whole lot more to an effective job advertisement than just creative writing to make the role ‘sound’ good. A great job advertisement takes into account a variety of factors that affect the performance of the advert as dictated by online algorithms, as well as grammar and style that suit the diversity of readers, the device they are reading on, and the environment they are in.

Orchard can work with you to review, re-write (or write new) job advertisements that follow these best practices for optimal advert performance, while working with you articulate the value proposition within each role, so that you see enhanced interest and applications via your ads.
Recruitment Marketing Campaigns
There are times when job board advertising just isn’t enough, and in those times, we’re able to support you with end-to-end recruitment marketing campaigns. Orchard can develop a media plan that reaches your target candidates in the places where they spend their time, with creative that captures their interest, grows their awareness, and drives them to act and apply. From traditional channels like print, radio and out-of-home (billboards) through to the most recent digital media like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and online streaming services, let us work with you to plan and deliver a recruitment marketing campaign that delivers real results.
Content Planning & Creation
Growing a brand relies heavily on consistent, regular storytelling delivered over time. In order to convey your EVP, Orchard can work with you to create a content plan in the form of articles, photographs, videos, social posts, podcasts and more. We’ll feature your employees sharing their expertise and aspects of the culture in your workplace, creating thought-leadership for your organisation within the fields of expertise that align with your talent objectives, generating demand and interest for your employment opportunities as a result of your increased profile.
Company Reviews
Around 80% of applicants will check company reviews online as part of the process of applying for and interviewing with your company. That’s why it’s critical to have an awareness of what online review channels hold for your organisation and to actively engage with and manage them.

Orchard can help you to to gain admin access to your page/s and update its content and provide regular reporting on page performance and reviews being shared. With this, you’ll have insights that you can act on to drive positive change within your workplace. We can also support you to drive new reviews so that you can positively influence your rating over time.
Careers Websites
Whether you choose to have ‘career’ information within your main website, or you choose to develop a standalone website for promoting careers within your organisation, Orchard is here to support you. We’re experienced with a range of CMS and can work in an advisory capacity with your existing marketing and IT teams or can call on our own trusted partners to build out a careers website with the right pages for your audience.

Our team takes a thorough approach to content planning, information architecture, SEO rules and the user journey – with the ultimate aim of converting website visitors to subscribers or applicants.