Orchard HRO

Talent Management

Maximise the value of your people through all stages of the employee lifecycle.

With Orchard’s HR strategic advisory services, our professional consultants provide expert talent management and transformation advice, supporting you to maximise every opportunity through all stages of the employee life cycle. We design and deliver solutions that ensure you hire the best talent, develop your existing talent and take your people on a transformation journey as conditions and the needs of your business change.

Our experienced HR advisors have assisted Executive Managers, HR Directors and and HCM specialists from some of Australia’s leading employers to create an outstanding employee experience that delivers impactful business results and lifts the profile of the whole HR function.

How we support you

HR Strategy & Planning
We perform HR maturity diagnostics and assessments across all aspects of HR which help you identify your transformation needs and priorities. Our consultants provide strategic transformation advice and assistance, help you develop strategic plans, build business cases and design improvement programs.
Psychological Assessment
We validate that you’re employing the best available talent against agreed and relevant competencies aligned to the target role. Implementing targeted assessment processes increases the likelihood of good hires, reduces the likelihood for bias, provides valuable performance feedback for employees and managers, and creates a framework for ongoing performance review and development.
Talent Pipeline Mapping
We partner with you to strategically identify and pipeline top talent locally and globally for business-critical roles. We help you better understand where talent is, both within your organisation and within the external talent market, mitigating risk that relates to sourcing difficult roles and allowing you to map external talent into your succession plans.
Career Coaching for Transformation
Ongoing career coaching is increasingly important during times of rapid workforce change and disruption. Successful organisations with a continuous improvement and innovation culture focus on the growth and sustainability of their workforce. Provision of ongoing career coaching, whether for executives, specialists or professionals, is becoming a distinguishing feature of companies with a great Employee Value Proposition (EVP). Whether you’re acquiring a new business, merging divisions or planning a major restructure, designing and executing an early-stage career coaching program is a powerful way to build and sustain a workforce aligned to your changing workforce needs.
Career Transition and Outplacement
Most employees faced with a role redundancy want a new job as quickly as possible. Our career transition services assist employees from all levels within the organisation to become better equipped to secure that a new role quickly and confidently once their time with your business has come to an end. Our programs include a career review discussion, identification of transferable skills, CV review and development, LinkedIn profile review, overview of the employment market, job application and interview training, and ongoing advice in the early stages of the new job.
Management Development Programs
Hiring managers know their direct field of expertise, but often require assistance in how to recruit and develop people effectively. We help train your managers to create position descriptions, ask the right questions in hiring interviews, design and implement cascaded employee goals and effectively assess information gleaned during hiring, performance review and employee development interviews. We're also able to contribute to many other aspects of your management development programs.