Orchard HRO


Sail through peaks, troughs and specialised projects with recruitment services that are only active when you need them.

Orchard’s specialist recruitment neatly dovetails into your existing careers function to seamlessly extend and augment your team. We enable you to rapidly scale by avoiding the need to engage and train additional in-house resources, and we save you the expense that comes with a reliance on recruitment agencies.

Orchard becomes an extension of your team to help with peaks in volume, specialised roles and hiring projects.

Because we immerse ourselves in your business from the get-go, we understand your requirements and know your processes – but you only pay for the service as you use it. Once we’ve established our service with you, you’re able to turn it on and off as needed. It’s that simple.

How we support you

Branded Recruitment
Our recruitment professionals become an extension of your existing team. We work under your brand with your workflows. All recruitment activities are conducted under your brand name, boosting your image and standing within the market for talent.
Recruitment Technology
Our service is underpinned and enabled by a complete technology solution, with your own Applicant Tracking System (ATS), and you can get the benefits of these leading technologies as part of our ongoing service.
Advanced Candidate Sourcing
Advertising is only one way to find a candidate. Orchard’s approach can include advertising, but take things a step further with advanced sourcing techniques and technologies including proactive search, referrals, candidate pipelines, an online branded presence and social media to attract the best possible passive and active candidates for your roles.
Turn On / Turn Off Services
We build and staff our service to support your team to manage seasonal requirements, specific projects and one-off events, as well as your business-as-usual recruitment needs. You can turn on or off our scalable services at any time. You only pay per hire, so it costs you nothing while our service is turned off.
Recruitment Projects
Orchard makes hiring the right volume and quality of people for new businesses, locations, mergers and projects easy. Our experienced recruiters can provide an end-to-end service delivery including project management, candidate sourcing, interview management and hiring manager engagement supporting large-scale or specialist hires.
Local Market Expertise
No-one knows your local business environment better than local business professionals, which is why we manage all recruitment locally.

A simple, no-fuss payment model

  • No fixed or upfront payments, and no surprises

  • Only pay for what you use, with a low fee charged for each hire

  • Scalable up (and down) to handle peaks (and troughs) with ease

  • Additional services can be included to enhance your HR function, including onboarding, HR administration, exit interviews and career transition