Orchard HRO

HR Enquiry Centre

Omni-channel HR support that’s a win for your employees, and a win for your organisation.

Much of the support your employees need can be provided for via our HR Enquiry Centre, which allows employees to request HR services, report issues, access policies and procedures, find training and support information, look up information in your HR Knowledge Base and more.

The Enquiry Centre can integrate with your intranet, or, it can even be the basis for your intranet portal if you don’t have one right now.

Omni-Channel Support
Just like your customers, your staff routinely communicate across multiple channels, and their communication channel preferences can differ across generations. For example, younger members of the workforce tend to prefer instant messaging, social media and self-serve options – and will only resort to phone or email as a last resort. They also are very comfortable moving in and out of different communication channels depending on their environment and preference at any point in time. Older members of the workforce may prefer phone as communication channel and be quite uncomfortable using self-serve options. Orchard’s omni-channel support ensures that all members of the workforce are catered for.
Support Portal
The HR Enquiry Centre portal provides support for the entire organisation. As well as providing technical support for the Orchard services, the Support Portal is customised for HR in your organisation.

Your branded support portal is the place where all employees go to make HR enquiries. Employees and managers can also access HR News and training information, review policies and procedures, or log in to the HRIS to update their records.
HR Request Catalog
If unable to complete a task via self-service, employees and members of your HR department can request common services from our administrators using the HR Request Catalogue.

The catalogue includes updates to position data, creation of new employees, initiating an exit process and system configuration changes. Alternatively, your team can choose to make the request via any of the support channels above.
HR Knowledge Base
As part of our Enquiry Centre service we’re able to create an HR Knowledge Base allowing all of your policies, procedures, news, training material, and HR documentation to be searched from a single place.

We continually add new material to the knowledge base over time as we field common support requests from your employees, so that your employees and managers are able to quickly easily find answers to questions that others have asked before.
Collaboration Tools
Turbocharge your intranet by using SAP JAM collaboration software to create an internal social media environment which can be used by teams, projects, special interest groups or anyone to share information and discuss topics of interest.

Ask us about how we enable this functionality for your whole organisation.