Orchard HRO

Industry: Manufacturing

Australia Career Centre

This company is a global manufacturer of industrial products with a presence in more than 100 countries.

In Australia, the company has a strong national presence and sales and service operations in all states of Australia.

In May 2015, Orchard was selected to establish their national Career Centre (RPO).

Orchard delivers 80 – 100 hires per annum across various locations in Australia.

When we were appointed, the employer had a fairly traditional agency driven recruitment model.

Orchard was quickly able to deliver 90% direct hiring over our first twelve months and the direct fill rate has continued above 90%. We have been able to increase the speed of hiring, increase attrition, reduce overall recruitment costs by more than 50% and continue to promote their brand and EVP.

Key job families are:

  • Sales, business development and new business

  • Technicians

  • Customer Service Agents

  • Workshop and Parts related roles

For more information on our approach, we would be happy to provide the contact details of a referee at this client.