Orchard HRO

Industry: Industrial Manufacturer

A Blended Recruitment Model using SkyHire Technology

  • Delivering an outsourced recruitment solution over 3 years

  • Integrated internal and external recruitment activities through our SkyHire recruitment technology platform

Orchard HRO has been delivering a Branded Careers Centre service to a global industrial services employer who employs approximately 1100 staff across Australia and New Zealand. We also support recruitment by internal customer teams using our SkyHire technology platform.

Historically, the company has used a combination of internal recruitment teams and a number of recruitment agencies to deliver its external candidates. There was no Applicant Tracking system in place to co-ordinate internal and external recruitment.

In 2018, due to some internal changes and increased cost pressure, the company explored a full-service outsourced recruitment model and appointed Orchard HRO.

Orchard HRO was quickly able to establish the service and provide its SkyHire technologies, full branded approach (the Orchard brand is invisible) and dedicated recruitment team. We have become a neat extension of the local and international HR teams and have a clear understanding of all relevant HR policies and processes.

Since 2018, we have successfully appointed over 70 new candidates for roles that include engineering, finance, procurement, supply chain and sales.

The Orchard HRO SkyHire platform is now used to manage all recruitment activity including the Career Centre and internal HR staff across Australia and New Zealand. This comprehensive solution handles:

  • all hiring requests and management approvals

  • posting on intranet and internet careers pages, and Seek advertising

  • consolidation of internal and external job applicants

  • candidate assessment, notifications and selection through a customised workflow

  • management and approval of offer documentation

  • collection of all new hire onboarding information

  • management of the new hire induction program

Our solution has reduced cost and has demonstrated that recruitment that is delivered by Orchard HRO’s experienced recruitment professionals, achieves strong quality results.

For more information on our approach, we would be happy to provide the contact details of a referee for this client.